• Asoprotur, Tortuguero, Costa Rica
  • +506 2767 0836
  • Asoprotur, Tortuguero, Costa Rica
  • +506 2767 0836
The Majestic
Considered the slower mammal on the planet
The Beauty
one of the most photographied species around the world
The Rare
it has been given the name of Jesus Christ lizard
The Grandiose
Is the largest Sea Turtle of the world
The Colorful
his peak painted with colors by nature is his biggest charm
The Crazy
Is one of the most known monkey species in the world
The Imposing
Its a reptile with 180 centimeteres long
Our History

From a small group of Local Guides

ASOPROTUR was founded on 2010, the idea born from a small group of Local Tour Guides, who joined to create an asociation with the first goal they had in mind, to create a method to offer a better and higher quality services and information to visitors of Tortuguero, that is how came up the idea to made an asociation proyected to grow...

Sea turtles
are in danger of extinction

Do not go to see spawn alone, if the turtle gets scared she might abandon its attempt to spawn and perhaps lose an entire generation. Hire a local guide to see this wonderful spectacle of nature. Respect the animals.

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